Share the Joy This Holiday Season!

Our "Share the Joy" Boxes make it easy to bring song, color and life to everyone on your list! Each box comes loaded with a bird feeder, food and accessories.

Order online today by clicking the image below, or stop in one of our stores. We can deliver a box full of joy directly to a loved one’s door, or order one for yourself and get started attracting more birds to your backyard.

share the joy boxes

Blaze Box includes:

WBU Blaze the Hot Pepper Squirrel Seed Cylinder

WBU Mini Cylinder Feeder

WBU Hot Pepper No-Melt Suet Stackable®

WBU Hot Pepper Cranberry Stackable®

WBU Hot Pepper No-Mess Stackable


Hummingbirds Box includes:

WBU Small High Perch Hummingbird Feeder

WBU Nectar

WBU Nectar Bottle

WBU Nectar Brush


Woodpeckers Box includes:

WBU Suet Cylinder Feeder

EZ Fill Suet Cage

Hot Pepper SuperSuet Cake

Hot Pepper No-Melt SuperSuet Cylinder